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We have all know that Mobile Legend is making a new Hero with the role of assassins called Ling. Ling himself has the ability to climb wall to not be targeted by any skill, the ability to become invincible and so on. If you are interested in the skill detail click on the article here. Which is not fair, since the moment he get in the wall, player can’t target him at all. And can only damage him by using skill shot. If you are interested in the gameplay, you can see the video below.

Now, as the writer had already played Ling in the original server, i know for sure that he is too OP. The ability to not be targeted, spam his second skill, and use his mobility to control the game. However it is not like he has any disadvantages in the game, and if you are wondering what kind of disadvantages that this OP hero have, then here is the explanation.


  • Mobility With his ability to jump through wall, he is able to easily go from the top to the bottom. Which means that he will not only be able to ganked any enemies, but also get exp from minions easily.
  • He can’t be targeted, when using his first skill he can’t be targeted. However he can still be killed if you are using a skill shot.
  • Invincible, by using his ultimate. He will gain an Invincibility for 2s, and after that he will be able to deal huge damage by using his second skill. If used right he can easily get a savage.

Disadvantages :

  • Energy Oriented, His skill is very energy oriented. Using his skill will be able to make him move fast, however without his energy (Lightness Points) he will be stucked in the wall. Especially if there are no enemies near him.
  • Low Health Huge Damage. Like any other assassins or marksman type enemies. This hero has a really low health. He is easily killed by using eudora or aurora Combo, so don’t expect him to go and initiate a fight in the late game.
  • Buff Oriented, As i had said earlier. He is energy oriented. Which means that he will be able to kill the enemies as long as he got his energy. And because of that he will need a buff to reduce his energy cost by 50%.

And there you have it, The advantages and disadvantages of the hero Ling.

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