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If you didn’t know, indie game is a game that is made independently by a developer or a group of developer without the help of a publisher. The quality is usually pretty so – so, but they are able to give us a unique game play. Game play that is usually not found in any big company. For example a new RPG Games that is currently on development called Bounds by Blades.


Bounds by Blades is an action RPG game. It is build with a good / cute quality graphic added with a unique combat system. You will be playing intuitively dodging the bullets, blocking the skill and attacking in a four corner map in the game.

The game also feature a monster hunter inspired equipment system, where each time you beat the boss, you will get an ingredients, that can be used to craft your equipments. Apart from that, there are also some quest that you can play in the game that will give you money and so on.

Bound by Blades is currently on development, but the developer promise us that the game will give 20 hours of game play added with after game so that you won’t be bored later on.

If you are interested, you can play the demo. You could apply in their discord in the link below!

App Rating : Bound by Blade (10$ (Uncertain))

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