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If you are a mobile legends player, then you will definitely know that Mobile Legends give us a new update including a new hero, that we can all interestingly wait each month. Not only because it will change what how we will play the game strategically. Of course that depends on the hero that Mobile legends will give us. Well, if you are interested in the next hero, it is an Assassin with the ability to climb wall called Ling.

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Previously known as Qing Zue in the hero survey. Moonton has released Ling, as one of the Assassin hero in Mobile Legends that has the ability to burst damage and kill any paper thin health enemy such as mage or marksman. And like any other Mobile legends heroes that has specialty skills, for example Bixia got Health regen reduction, Masha got 3 health bar, and Ling has the ability to climb and walk in a wall, and that makes his mobility so huge, since the ability is actually first seen in another MOBA game Onmyoji Arena in a hero called Manedake and the ability there is frightening to a certain degree which makes Ling almost as terrifying.

So Here is the detail skill of Ling (Qing Zue) :

  • Cloud Walker (Passive) : Ling’s superb lightness skill helps him leap from wall to wall. Ling will need to consume relative lightness points to cast his lightness skill. When resting on the wall, ling will restore 2 lightness points per second. Every time Ling deals damage to enemies, he restores 5 lightness Points.
  • Finch Poise (1st Skill) : Ling cast his qinggong (Lightness skills) leaping to the wall, Ling has a superb lightness skill so that he can jump from wall to wall without CD till he lands on the ground
  • Defiant Swords (2nd Skill) : Ling charges in a designated direction and stabs the nearby enemies at his destination, dealing damage. The stabbing attack will be identified as basic attack with extra 25% crit chance so it can trigger ATK Effects. If Ling cast this skill when he is on the wall, he will dash to designated spot on the ground, dealing damage to enemies in area. If this attack deal Crit Damages, enemies within the area will get slowed for 30% for 1s
  • Tempest of Blades (Ultimate) : Ling leaps up and cast his superb sword skill for 2.5s during which he becomes invincible and can move freely dealing massive damage to enemies within the area, knocking the central enemy into the air for 1s, and generating a sword field that lasts for 5s. At the edge of sword field there will be a Tempest of blades. By touching the blades, you will reset the CD of the second skill and restore 5 Lightness points.

So from the explanation we know that Ling doesn’t need any mana. Has the ability to become invincible, and the ability to reset his damage skill to deal massive damage. Which means that he will be banned for life after his released in official server.

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