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Ragnarok Mobile is having a crossover event with Neon Genesis Evangelion in the Global server from August 31st until September 21st. The event is pretty much the same as the previous Ultraman Rift event, where if you complete the “Tokyo-3 rift” you will be able to get a NERV Emblem (Badge) that can be use to trade for a variety rewards including a Unit-01 card, Asuka Card, and many more.

Tokyo Rift-3

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During the event, you will be able to get a new rift called Tokyo Rift-3, for the NERV Emblem Badge that can be used to trade for variety rewards. Of course, to start of the rift, you must first head of to prontera and speak Rei Ayanami.

After that you will be transported to the rift. Upon entering them, you will be able to transform into EVA Mecha where your skill bar, will have 3 option, Normal Atk, Special ATK, Buff and Change EVA.

Change EVA is mainly use as each boss is weak to particular type of EVA which is Red and Purple. So you will need to toggle and change between the two to deal damage to the boss monster.

Your party will face with 3 bosses that can be beaten. According to the color, you will be able to deal more damage, so make sure you switch the the correct EVA color, otherwise you will not deal damage.

Boss Weakness
1st Red
2nd Purple
3rd Red: When HP > 50%
Purple: If HP < 50%

There are 2 types of rewards that you can get from the rift:

  • Daily Rewards: Completing the rift each day, will give you 5 NERV Commendation chest. You can use to get 6-16 NERV Emblems. You will also get some bonus from NERV Commendation Chests that will be given if you have unlocked EVA Headwear and Costume. Tokyo-3 Rift daily rewards is also seperated from your regular daily 5x rift rewards that are separated from your daily 5x rift quota so rewards.
  • Completion Time rewards: If you finished a rift in a certain time you will get additional NERV Emblem.

    241 – 300s will give you “NERV Operation Assistant” for 1 NERV Superior Battle Chest
    211 to 240s will give you “NERV Operation Director” for 2 NERV Superior Battle Chest
    181 to 210s will give you “NERV Deputy Commander” for 2 NERV Deluxe Battle Chest
    1 to 180s will give you “NERV Commander” for 5 Deluxe Battle Chest

    Each of this item will give you more NERV Emblems.

Easy Win Tips

To easily win the rift, you will needs to party with other people. Each with the respective roles to fill. Simply because of the color change that will be one mechanics that is useful to fight the boss, and it got a long cool down.

So you can’t swith EVAs respectively, and will need to alternate in between, this will in turns making the boss fight easier, and gain the best time completion for more rewards. The best way to split your team is by having 3 Red and 2 Purple, or simply go on to 2 Red and 3 Purple.

While the boss weakness is the color, the other color will focus on buffing not attacking, so they will be able to clearly assign the role. And after the last boss switch color in 50% health, you guys can all switch to the respective color to seal the deal.

Now, in the rift, if you want to maximize the time, use manual attack and spam your normal skill which is your 1st skill. because if you use auto attack, you will automatically switch EVAs color and this will mess up your party composition, so be sure to switch your auto attack.

The first time you play the rift, you might want to remember the location of every other boss, this will help you clear the boss in 180s or below. So, upon destroying the boss in one area, move to the next location to start another boss fight.

Note: There are many other tricks that can be used. If you have some that works well for you, then you do you, and if you wanted to share, please comment down below.

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