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If you are a businessman, or even a college students that are trying to make its time for the best then you might want to check out the tips on how to open Microsoft Office File on your phone. This tips will include how to open Microsoft Words, and Microsoft Excel file on your phone, and possibly edit some content for you to work on the go.

Of course, since this app is kinda like an imitation for the original Microsoft Office, it might not necessarily contain the full function. However, it will do you good if you want to make a simple edit in your file.

How to Open Microsoft File on Your Phone!

Step 1: Download an App called AndrOpen Office on your phone!


Step 2: Proceed in opening the app first

Note: On the app, click on the file tab, and open to choose your selected documents. Which is usually in download if you had just download the file, or even in documents if you have one.

Step 3: You can edit and make your change!

Note: Do know that the UI needs a little while to get use to, and since your phone is really small, you will tend to have a hard time making small change.

Of course, this is not the same experience when editing in computer but this will help you in editing your file on the go.

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