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Aside from Shining Archer that is released by Drodo as part of the newest character, in their newest update, Drodo has added Rogue Guards. A new 5 cost Legendary Warrior synergy and Demon race piece to their Auto Chess game. This means that there will be more synergy that can be used in accordance to the Witcher demon synergy and the Warrior synergy.

Although, it is a 5 cost legendary piece, it means that it is rare to get him even in the late game. However, this open up a new possibility to the game. “Rogue Guard” has an ability called the Crazy Dance that provide all demon piece +100 attack for 60 seconds and the passive is so unbelieveable where it will deal 50% physical splash damage within 2.5 grids.

Added with the demons synergy, he will be one of the higher damage dealer in the game! Along with the update, there are more items and balance that will come to the game.

If you are interested in the game, download it now and play it on your phone by clicking on the link below!

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App Rating : Auto Chess (Free)

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