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If you are a light novel reader, then you might have known about a popular Korean VRMMORPG series called Legendary Moonlight Sculptor. Well, in 2016, XLGames announced that they are going to make a game based on the popular novel. But there hasn’t been any new. Until recently, this year they said that they are going to collaborate with Kakao games to finish the game, and has released its pre-registration for the game!


The game will set in the original light novel world, Royal Road and will come with five pick able class. You can also partner up in another player or pets on the game and of course like the original novel there are plenty of hidden quest scattered throughout the game. So be sure to talk through the world for each hidden clue.

However, it is not known if the game will have the Legendary Moonlight Sculptor job, or even a NPC with the same setting as Weed-nim. If so, he will definitely be one of the worst job available in the game and will dominate the game.

Moonlight Sculptor is available in iOS and Android for mobile, and you can pre-register the game via Kakao Website. If you register now, you will be rewarded with a pet contract where you can summon a pet cat that will be your companion in the game.

However, it is not known if the game will have a global release or not. But if you are interested in the game, simply go to their official website on kakao and register now!

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