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Sometimes, while searching through Instagram, you see some picture that take your interest and you might want to use it for wallpaper. Because of that, you want to take the picture right? Sadly, Instagram has a feature to prevents you from being able to download any other user’s photos. In normal webpage, you can right click the picture and save it on the go, but not with Instagram.

So, today we will give you some information on how to save Instagram Picture on Your Phone step by step!

Step 1: Download an App called Fast Save on Google Play or App store depending on your Platform.

Fast save is an app that can be used to easily saved Instagram picture and video to repost or simply to use it as a wallpaper.

Step 2: Open your Instagram App, and find your targeted Picture.

Step 3: Open the … on the right top side of the picture and then click on the copy link.

Step 4: After wards, the app will automatically download your copied picture. And you will be able to find your picture in the Gallery.

Note: The app will automatically make a new folder in your gallery which contains all of your image and video that you have downloaded by using the app.

Enjoy your picture or video that you download, also if this app don’t work, there are also other app that can be used to download instagram picture, and you can see the article on the link below!

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