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Since the previous update, the players has been only focusing on their newest hero, Ling, whom is the newest assassins with a strange ability to climb wall with excellent damage. And because of the abnormal hero, people seems to look pass the update. It seems that on the advance server, Mobile Legends has implemented a 3 hero ban in the Ranked Match.

If you see on the Mobile Legends patch in the advance server below, the newest Tower maze Mode, Mobile Legends said that they can now enjoy 3BP (Banned Permanent) in rank with legends or above. It means that mythic and legends player can now banned 3 heroes each team, with the total of 6 heroes to be banned. This open up for a lot of possibility, the usage of old unpopular hero, to the return of the old META.

The banned order will be 1 banned on team A > 2 from team B, 2 from team A and 1 from team B. After that you will proceed in picking the hero as usual.

So? What do you guys think on this update? Well, you can now banned Layla or Miya on ranked match now, don’t you think?

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