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It seems that during the update of your Mobile Legends speedy version, you may have encounter a problem regarding the account loss while updating the app. It has make you as the player disappointed with the update.

Thankfully, Moonton does notice it, and will give you some tips that can be used to fix this problem. So, if you already run into a problem of account loss, don’t worry and follow the step below to get back your account:

Note: It will do you a favor, before downloading the app, please bind your account first.

Situation 1: You are connected to your account on any platform such as Moonton account / Temporary Account / Google Play Games / Game Center / Facebook / VK.

If you are connected to your account, then please tap your Avatar – Account – Switch Account and then Log in via those platform. You only need to connect your previous account and try to see if you still have the account all together.

Situation 2: If for some reason you didn’t connect your account to any platform.

If so, go to your home screen. Tap the customer service icon on the top left corner aside from your profile, and then tap the “Account Problem” – “Retrieve Account” – “Forget Platform Accounts you Bound before” – “Forget Platform Accounts” and please fill the forms out with details. And Moonton will help you retrieve your account.

However, you need to understand that in the second situation, Moonton will most likely need a day – a week to help you. Since most people also have the same problem, because of that please be patient so that the developer will help you.

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