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Recently, there has been an ongoing problem on the ranked match on Mobile Legends. There is a bug that people are using  to delete other player emblem and picks on ranked match. The problem makes people increasingly disappointed with the unity engine on the Mobile Legends 2.0 update. See this video below:

Basically, the bug utilize the lag on the game. Where you change your character in draft pick as fast as you can, and it will lag. If the opponents phone can’t deal with the lag, they will automatically be kicked out of the game, and then you will be count as AFKing, which means that the system will automatically your most picked hero and lost all of their emblem.

In regards to that now Moonton implemented a new system on draft pick. Where as now, when you pick a hero in ranked match, there will be a cooldown of 1s. It means that each time you pick a hero, you won’t be able to immediately pick another one because there will be a cooldown of 1s, you will need to wait before you are able to pick another one. This render the bug useless, to make sure that you won’t be able to utilize the lag anymore.

However, there is no additional information regarding the people that had played the ranked match with the bug before. It would be nice if Moonton give the player some compensation regarding the bug.

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