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Compared to most people, drivers are more vulnerable to accidents. Mainly because we don’t know what will happens in the road even if we are careful, there might be others that don’t. Because of that, we will need to prepare for the worst. Most importantly on how to deal with the accident if it did happen.

Good thing though a mobile app developer called poossy4breakfast on a reddit page, posted an app called SafeRide, an apps that can be used to detect a car crash.

So basically, SafeRide is an app that can be use on emergencies to detect a car crash and use it to do a handful of operation automatically like Call your family, Send them an SMS with your location on and launch a voice assistant like Google assistant. It will easily let you get everything you need with only voice detection. It will automatically send notification from your phone to other to let them know what happen to you.

Your phone is equipped with a high tech sensor that enables you to detect vibration. The way this app works is by using that sensor to determine if you are on the road crashing or simply picking up your phone. You can adjust the sensitivity of the crash detection on 8G, 12G, and 18G. G is the unit to value the sensor reads in numbers. Where as 8G can falsely detected if the phone is dropped hard, and 20G’s is when airbags in a car are deployed at a really bad crashes.

Despite that, we hope that the apps won’t be use, but it is not bad to prepare for the worse right?

So if you are interested in the app, head out to the reddit page and click on the download link to install it on your phone. Furthermore, since the apps is still on development, it still need your review for adjustment on the dev side.

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