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If you played Ragnarok Mobile, then you will know that there is a Smokie Back to school event that has come in Ragnarok Mobile for both Global and SEA server. The event tell you to earn a Smokie Badge that can be exchange for  variety of rewards. Rewards include Seeds of Mastela, Truancy Crown Blueprint, Flying Wisdom Blueprint and Praying Cards Packs. If you want to maximize rewards of the event then you could follow this tips and tricks below.

Note: The tips is actually made by a Youtuber called BlueBerries詭計星的頻道 and is intended for those that wanted to those that want a slow read rather than a video. But it is recommended to see the guide on the video first or subscribe to their channel so that they feel supported.

Tips To get the rewards faster

In the event, you will need at least 3260 Badge for everything. If you count it all, the total event badge that is tradeable at the Exchange until 30 Sept is :

  • 1-15 September : 5 Day Quest : 80 X 7 = 560
  • 5-12 September : Prontera North Gate Event : 200 x 7 *3 = 1400*3
  • 12-19 September : Enter:Pront Event : 80 X 7 = 560
  • 12-19 September : Daily Board Quest : 30 X 7 = 210
  • 19-26 September : Daily Rift : 30X7 = 210
  • The Total is 5740 badge

Notice that in the 5-12 September there is *3, it is because in the event each character can gain up to 200 per day, which means that for a week you will be able to gain 1400, and if it is 3 character you can gain 4200 badge. Which is huge if you total the required rewards is 3260. So that one event will cover you everything. (That means that you won’t need to follow any other event as long as you complete the 5-12 September event).

The Prontera North Gate Event is an event where you will need to kill Smokie Hunter to get the badge. So the tips is depending on the jobs :

  • Archer : Use Arrow rain with Fire arrow for Burn damage.
  • Wizards : Forest Staff + Awakening Potion (AOE Splash Damage).
  • Swordsman : HP Alight (AOE Burn).
  • GX : Poisonus Weapon (Poison Damage).
  • Other Job : You can use Auto Attack + Pet Battle on + Awakening Potion.

Note : Since Smokie Hunter are humans, use +damage against Demi-Human gear such as Hydra Cards to easily boost the damage dealt.

Do note that even if you had a red stamina, you can still hunt for the badge. So to ensure profit grinding, you can consume the green stamina first and then farm for the badge.

So there you have it, some tips to maximize the Smokie Back to school event rewards. Remember to support the video creator BlueBerries, and watch them on their youtube channel.

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