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Detention, a Chinese horror game that has made its way to Steam as one of the best indie game in 2017 had its mobile release for both android and iOS. This game developed by Red Candle Games tell you about the deep secrets of the tale in a school, its students and the intense martial law back in 2017.


Detention is a 2D horror game where you will need to explore a school back in 1960s in Taiwan. You as a protagonist will gradually uncover the troubling mystery in the school. This game built up the atmosphere of horror unlike any other horror game that relies on jump scaring the player.

Of course, there are monster that will chase you throughout the game and kill you but the story and the atmosphere that is built by the game is really scary.

This game can be play in both iOS and Android and can be bought for 3.99 USD. For android user, the player can try the game for a bit first before paying the full game. Detention is available for English, Chinese, Japan, and Korea.

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