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Ragnarok Online is probably one of the best MMORPG game of all time. Almost everybody in this generation know the game.

Well, a developer in Thailand, Electronics Extreme is collaborating with Gravity to make a new Ragnarok game called Ragnarok Battle Academy / ROBA for shorts.

ROBA is a new Ragnarok game that is made with the combination of MMORPG game and Battle Royale. The game is first known in an event called Extreme Games 2019 in Thailand, and Gravity announce its optimism regarding the development of the game. Kitamura Yoshinori COO of Gravity tell us that Extreme Studio have the experience and knowledge to make ROBA a successful game to play.

For the game play, you will first start of as a novice jobs, where you or your team of 4 will need to hunt monster or boss to get experience needed to change your job. Then player that had leveled up will be able to pick number of skills that can be used to dominate the team fight.

The skill will depends on which job the player choose. The Battle Royale aspect of the game is the player will fight against each other in an arena (Ragnarok Training Grounds) that will become smaller each time. Player will needs to avoid it if you don’t want to be killed by the red zone.

After that, the player that had survive til the end will be the winner and finish the round. ROBA (Ragnarok Battle Academy) is currently 80% in development and is told to be released in SEA only.

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