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Previously in E3, Square Enix has announced that they are going to release their newest FF: Crystal Chronicles Remastered game on mobile devices, to both Android and iOS.

First released in GameCube, the game had an amazing popularity due to the unique game play! Now, they are trying to revive its glory. Square Enix seems to have released the game. In their newest trailer release, Square Enix had given us what to expect in the game overall.


First of all, now, there are voice over on the game where you can completely immerse in the game story line. There will also be a multiplayer feature, so you can raid bosses and dungeon with your friends. It is up to 4 people, and it also support cross-platform. So, you can play it whenever you want!

Apart from that there are some new changes like new customization, new songs, and so on that will increase the “Fun” in the game.

If you are interested in Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Remastered then you will need to wait until its released on January 23rd 2020. The game will be released on Nintendo Switch, PS4, Android and iOS. For more information you could check out the Official Website!

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