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Since Ragnarok Mobile is going to have a new episode update. It is not a surprise that the developer will add more content for the player to enjoy the game. In this case, they will give the player a new advanced Job, and  apart from that there will be 3 new pets that can be tame in the game, which is Black Witch, Cruiser, and Teddy Bear.

Black Witch

Black witch is the newest addition of pet that has the Race of Demi Human with the Undead Elements. She is a huge AOE Damage dealer with a cool skill. Such as explosion when killing the targeted monster with Magic flame skill and so on.

Taming Item: Old Luxury Clip

Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear is another Ragnarok pet addition with the Formless race and Neutral elements. If the Black Witch excel in AOE Magic Damage. Teddy Bear is a support fighter type pet where he not only can increase the master crit rate, can also attack with a huge physical damage. This pet is pretty useful for those with the job of archer and thief that use crit rate.

Taming Item: Gift Box


Cruiser is the last pet addition in the update, with Demi Human race, and Neutral elements this is one of the support pet that give player additional stats.  If player have the pets, it will gain +40 ATK, and Decrease the incoming damage to 5%.

Taming Item: Toy Guns

And there you have it, the 3 Ragnarok Mobile newest pets on Episode 4. Hopefully this will give you some insight on how to catch the new pet!

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