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If you have a flashlight apps on your phone then please uninstall and delete it now! Because it has just been known to public where an Avast security researcher Luis Corrons that had look at 937 Android Flashlight apps in Google App Store actually requested more system permission that it should have had. Some like Ultra Color Flashlight and Super Bright Flashlight, actually required 77 different permission to your phone.

Usually, these type of apps, only needs to use permission to access the phone’s flashlight and the internet so that they can make some bucks from app advertisement. Or even access the lock screen so that the app can turn the flashlight on and off without having to unlock the phone. However, in truth as stated by Luis Corrons the average number of permission requested by a flashlight apps is actually 25.

This kind of apps only need just 10 permission or less, which is fairly reasonable. So how come do this app needs more than 50 permission? These kind of privileges can be used to steal the user information, disable antivirus scanning, install malicious software and even get the user to click on malicious link.

But nevertheless, over 900+ of the apps Corron analyzed, there are only about 7 that were found to be malicious. Most just showed the apps. However, we do think that it is best to delete these apps, since most phone already had a built in Flashlight in their system, so these apps should not be use!

Anyway hopefully this article can make you more aware. Thank you for reading have a nice day!

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