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If you didn’t know yet, Mobile Legends had just released their newest big update. That update not only released 4 new spell, but also 2 new heroes that you can use, Valir revamp and Masha the Female Barbarian.

It is sad that the female barbarian isn’t really popular, since most people didn’t know how to use the hero. Because of that today we will give you a little guide on how to use the female barbarian. This guide will also include some tips and tricks for the hero Masha. Check it out below!


Item Built

Right now, there isn’t a right way to built Masha in general. There are those that use a attack speed build, a damage build, or even a tanky build on her which is totally fine. However, this guide will follow the writer build which is the Hybrid build that consist on 1 Damage item, 2 Attack Speed Item, and 2 Defense item.

Item Reason
Raptor Machete This item is probably the second best damage item that is available in Mobile Legends. Sadly though, you will need a jungle stack for it to really hurt.

In its full stack, player are able to get +90 damage +15% physical penetration, and true damage + slow effect that will increase with level. Which is why, this is the core damage item for Masha.

Tough Boots/Warrior Boots Honestly, for the boots, it will depends on Masha Opponents. If the opponents have mage with burst damage such as aurora, eudora or gussion pick tough boots, or else pick warrior boots, since the additional damage and the added resistant will do well for her!
Scarlet Phantom

The core item for Masha. Here is why, Masha is a hero that can deal increase damage based on enemies health percentages.

So, if she can toggle her first skill. Which means that without any damage item, she can already deal massive damage. Which is why, with Scarlet Phantom, her ability will increase exponentially.

Wind Talker The reason why i took Wind Talker rather than Berseker fury is because of its ability to give more movement speed, mainly because of her healing ability.

She needs to have a quick movement speed so that other hero can’t catch or deal any damage to her. Making sure that she can run away to heal first before going back in. Which is why Wind talker is the perfect choice.

Brute Force Breastplate Since the last update, Brute Force breastplate is becoming one of the core item for any mobile legends hero. In total, you will gain +65 Physical defense and +20 Magical defense. Added with the increase movement speed. She will be unstopable, literally!
Aegis Shield Aegis is a good addition not only for her magical defense, but also the shield. You won’t know how much this shield has actually save me during war.


There are 2 choice for emblem that is utterly perfect for Masha depending on how you want to play her:

Jungle Emblem

This will help you clear out the jungle, while giving you the best roaming ability. With Mage Killer added as the main skill you will be able to kill turtle in a mere 10s.

Fighter Emblem

Because Masha is a fighter with low health bar (even though she has 3), Unbending Will is the first choice for her. Mainly because each bar count as 1, so even if you still had 3 bar and your health is low. It will activate unbending will, giving you +12% damage increase without being in a pinch.

How to use her!

See the video tutorial above for more tips and little gameplay to learn

Anyway, to use Masha, you simply need to know the timing on when to retreat mainly because Masha has 1 abilities that lets her win in every single fight. It is the ability to heal his health back. It means, every poke damage that the enemies done to Masha will be useless because she will be able to heal her health back.

She can not only farm well, but also survive in the early game in case you are ganked. The best part is that if you toggle her first skill, and add sprint to it. 9/10 if your opponents don’t have any stuns. You will be able to get out of any tricky situation.

So on how to play as Masha. The first item that you need to buy is the Raptor Machete, til the end. This is to ensure you get that juicy Slow and true damage, it is because you will need that slow in the long run to chase and hunt down most enemies on your path. You don’t need to buy any movement speed item at first because of your toggle ability that gives you movement speed, and sprint spell for emergency use.

Scarlet Phantom is her core item, simply because she already have damage upgrade from her first skill, and her ultimate is kinda like balmond, but it is a two edge swords so if you can’t kill, don’t use it. The rest is as you can read on the explanation above!

So some things that you will need to know while using Masha is that:

  • Don’t force yourself to go into a fight. Back off for a while, wait til your regen can be use and then go into the fight again. You will most likely need 4/5s of wait. Rather than dying this is your best use of your regen skill.
  • Turtle is a must. Because of your abilities to deal based on HP percentages and this will includes jungle monster like Turtle and buff. Masha is probably one of the fighter that can solo a turtle in only lvl 3!
  • Be a coward! Poke the enemies and run to heal. Masha is probably the first fighter that relies on Poke damage. She is a cowards. Where as if you have a chance to heal. She will haunt and hunt you back. So try to hit and run the enemies and then after you are sure that you can kill them. Finish the deal.

And there you have it, a little guide on how to play Masha. Hopefully this guide can help you in some way. Thank you for reading have a nice day!

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