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If you didn’t know yet, Mario Kart Tour had actually been scheduled to be released on last March, but it is delayed because the game is not perfected yet. The developer wanted to polish it more. Which is why it is delayed. At least until 26 September where fans can finally played the game on iOS and Android!

Before, Nintendo had released its beta test version for Android player. Like most Mario Kart game, the player will race with one another in a race tracks. You will be able to use your fav character from Nintendo series, such as Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad and many more in the game.

The player will race in any parts around the world. The game will change the race tracks once every 2 weeks. So you might be able to race in italy one weeks, or Thailand in the next week.

The game play is also pretty straight forward. Unlike any other Mario Kart game that needed you to push one button to drive forward, this game will drive forward automatically. You can steer him by sliding your finger left or right, and tap him to jump and gain bonus speed.

If you are interested in the game, click on their official website or their official twitter for more information on the game. You can also download the game now on android by clicking the link below.

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