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It hasn’t been a long time since the first release of Valir rework. And the stupid little fire mage is becoming one of the top most banned hero on Mobile Legends, currently. It seems Moonton is trying to fix that, because that’s true he is too OP!

So, on the next update which had already been implemented in the Advanced server, Valir will get his huge nerf.

On their newest patch note (image above), most of valir skill and damage will be nerf:

  • First Skill : Damage nerf, the first and second damage is decreased by 30 in the first damage, and 15 in the second damage.
  • Second Skill : Damage nerf, where his basic damage of firewall is decreased, and his magic damage bonus is also decreased.
  • Ultimate : CD decreased and bonus damage decreased.

The nerf will deal huge damage decreased to Valir overall, but in my opinion as Mobile legends player this is fair. Honestly, Valir has everything right now!

Huge damage output, a purify like skill (his ultimate), Stun, Annoying slow, and worst of all knock back. At least they will took away his damage output  so that he won’t be that OP. Right?

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