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If you guys are interested in a cool fantasy PC like MMORPG game, then i suggest you to check out the newest mobile version of Age of Heroes. It is a really popular PC MMORPG game in the past!

The game is actually a free to play that had made name for year, and now under Gameforge, the game made by Zemi Interactive had finally announced the pre-registration date for their mobile game “4Story: Age of Heroes“.

4Story: Age of Heroes is an action RPG game, that is the combination of both solo and multiplayer game. You as a player will need to hunt by himself, until they unlock the multiplayer mode such as PVP and Boss raid.

The solo mode consist in 24 chapter and 288 stages where player can enjoy the story line, and grind for items and level, while the multiplayer mode is where you compete against one another, and show off your skill. Apart from that you can also take part in a conquest or raid, play in the battle ground and many more in the game.

Currently, it is only known that 4Story: Age of Heroes will be released on mobile for android. If you are interested in the game, you can do so by pre-register in Google play, or click on the link below to go to the official google play site.

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