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Vengeance is one of the reworked spell that is released on the previous update. However, it seems like there is so much more to the spell, because one player found out that you can utilize the spell to do a 1 hit kill bug. You can see it on the video below….

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If you can see in the video above, the bugs is first founded by a player called @exdenzy_xdz_. which actually utilize the mechanic of the spell. There are 2 requirements to makes this bug works, 1 is to both you and the enemies have the vengeance spell on, and 2 is you guys need to hit the target while the spell is on.

Basically, here is how it works. The first player that hit the enemy while vengeance is on will have its damage reflected, and then if you had activate your vengeance too. Your vengeance will hit the enemies and it will bounce again and again. And the hero with the highest health will be the winner and the lowest health will be killed in one turn.

Well, hopefully this bug will soon be fixed by the dev soon, and hopefully the game will be bug free!

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