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Roaming item, one of the newest item in mobile legends, is one of the most complicated item for some player. Mostly because people didn’t really understand how to use the item. But mostly because of its passive Devotion where players gold and exp gained from minions will be stop if there are other teammates in the area. Making it impossible for you to gain advantages in the late game, and because of that this item is well suited for the role of supports and tank that don’t need that much gold and item in the early game and can roam well with the damage dealer.

If you see it, the roaming equipment will now be changed / buff. where the passive Devotion will now release its effect after 12 minutes, and player can now gain extra gold and exp from minion after 12.00 in the game time. Meaning that after 12.00, player can buy roaming item and built it to gain bonus movement speed and its special ability effect, and damage dealer such as Natalia, or other assassin or fighter type role can buy Roaming item “Awe Mask” for added CC Effect.

This effect will probably be implemented in the next updates, and player will now be able to gain much more advantages by buying this item. So what is your takes on the item? Do you think this is beneficial for you guys damage dealer?

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