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Since the year 2015, MOBA game has been increasingly popular for all mobile player. Mainly because of the sudden emergence of game like Arena of Valor, Mobile Legends, and many other MOBA games that is available on the market.

And it dies down after the hype of battle royale game like PUBG and Free fire. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any MOBA game that is being developed currently, take Shining Arena for example, an Indie MOBA game that will come to android and iOS Soon.


Shining Arena is a 4vs4 MOBA game that is made by Chinese Indie Developer, Shining Game Studio. Like any other MOBA game, the player will need to fight against one another in a team fight to destroy the other team home based.

The hero in this game is a “god themed” where player can use various character from myths and legends around the world as the hero. Kinda similar to Smite but in a MOBA form.

Sadly, the game hasn’t announced global release yet, and the players that want to play the game will need to download the apk in other app store aside from Google Play Store. But we will keep you guys up to date for more information regarding the game. So stay tune!

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