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There has been a talk on leak that wanted to make a new MOBA game for mobile users. This of course has been interesting since currently MOBA game for mobile is dominated by the one and only Mobile Legends, but it doesn’t mean that League doesn’t have any chance to fight of the trends.


On their own youtube channel, League themselves introduce us to their latest mobile title which is called League of Legends : Wild Rift. And you know that it is real since the games is developed by the one and only Riot game. The player can play as Lux, Ezreal and many other League heroes on your phone on the game. Riot adjust a little bit of the gameplay, time and management for fans to play on their phone, making sure that the fans expectation of the game are fulfilled.

Player can also collect skins and many more inside the game, and the greatest thing is that, fans don’t need a high end phone to play this game. On their official web, Riot said that player only need:


Ram                          : 1 Gb
Chipset                     : Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 processor 
GPU                          : 306 Adreno GPU


Player only need to have at least iPhone 5s to play the game on iOS. Which is really low considering the device is released on 2013.

But player can expect the game to be release on 2020, since the game itself is still currently on development. However, Android player can already pre-register on their phone, or through tap – tap apps.

If you are interested in pre-registering click on the link below to do that.

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App Rating : League of Legends ; Wild Rift (Free)

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