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On their newest mobile legends update server, Moonton had release a new Fighter hero called Silvanna. The hero is pretty unique, since it uses magic damage as her basic attack unlike every other mainstream fighter, much like Guinevere. However, if Guinevere main on burst damaging and killing the enemies in one go, Silvanna excel in Initiating the fight and then charging her enemy in the game.

Most of her ability is charging, buff, damage, and locking the enemy in one place. Making her really perfect to be used against an Offlaner, or even ganking with your friends. Her first skill is able to stun and chase her enemies, Second Skill for Damage, and her Ultimate can be used for both locking down her enemies and chasing them.

Analysis: Her Ability will be really beneficial in the early game, however she will have a really hard time laning in the late game, especially if the momentum isn’t for her team. She is built for ganking, mostly because of her Ultimate that can render any Blink/movement ability useless (If hit) and she can use her first skill to chase with her lunge.

She is mostly equipment based and you can built her as a mage but use feather of heaven to increase her attack speed in general. and Depending on her equipment however, she can be both Support, and damage dealer. The bad news is that, her ability isn’t really useful in the late game, and she will definitely die more in the late game.

What do you guys think about her in general. Will she be included in the meta?

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