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There has been a huge leap to today’s gaming technology, aside from console, Mobile game also get its own development. Such as including unreal engine and many other.

Now, a game that is first announced back in 2016 called Ember Storm, is said to be one of the most advanced game in mobile that even used a ray tracing technology that is said to make the game look really realistic and awesome.


It is unknown what can we expect in the game, however the team that develop the game, Longtu Games and Neowiz Games promised that they will utilize the most advanced technologies to craft the game. Which is promising since Neowiz is the one that developed a MMORPG game called Blessed online that is one of the most hyped PC MMORPG game back in the day.

The core Ember Storm is to put on party in a dungeon, where each class and skill combination will determine your role in the game, there are also many life skills that you can utilize and explore in the game.

However, there isn’t much known about the game, and player can only guessed what can be done next, but we will definitely give you more updates. So stay tune!

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