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There hasn’t been any person that thought Harvest Moon is a bad game. Regardless of the bad graphic quality (at the time it was awesome) the game managed to capture so many hearts of their player. It is because of the good story line, game play, and many more aspect in the game.

However, that doesn’t mean that the game won’t grow old, and if you are searching for those that is like the game, have a similar aspect but is not the same in general. Then you should definitely check out a mobile game called Citampi Stories.

The story in the game:

Your parents are in debt, and you have only 10 weeks to pay it off! If it fails, then you must marry the loan shark’s daughter which looks really awful. Ugh! The only way out is to travel to the city of Citampi, find work there and send the money to your parents.

Can you live and work there? Can you make friends with the people you meet in Citampi? Can you give up your single life, date girls and get your true love there?

There are many kinds of works that you can do in the game, but first you will need to start of from the bottom. Earning little money from part time work, increasing your start by learning something in Internet Cafe and many more to increase your worth. You can also chat up, do some quest from other people to earn more relations points and even married with the eligible bachelorete.

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So what are you waiting for, download and play it now on your phone!

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