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If you didn’t know yet, right now Terizla is becoming one of the most used and annoying fighter in the world. Mostly because people have been seeing the potential of the hero with the buffed spell arrival. The surprise attack that comes with that huge hammer is becoming one of the most OP combo in the world.

But, that will all depends on your ability as a player in general, from item, emblem, and how to play it in general. And so, because of that, today we will give you a little guide on how to use Terizla in general.


Before that, we will need to understand that because Terizla skill hurts like hell, only 2 emblem that literally work for him. Which is Fighter Emblem with  Festival of Blood, and Assassins Emblem where player put his points in Spell Vamp. However, it is more beneficial if you use Fighter Emblem, since you will be in front, and Fighter can increase your HP, defense, and magical defense in general.


For the item:

  • Warrior Boots / Tough Boots : So depending on your enemies, you might want to change your boots. For example if the main damage dealing enemies in the early game is gussion, harith or lunox Tough boots might be your choice, however if not, take warrior boots
  • Bloodlust Axe : This one is your core item. Bloodlust not only increase your damage, but also increase your healing chance. Making him not only tanking in the early game, but also maximize her passive that enables her to reduce damage for 35%. Enabling him to go in even with low health
  • Wings of Apocalypse Queen : Is your other core item. This item will let you had 75% more damage reduction every 40s. Making him unkillable without execute spell
  • Brute force Breastplate : This will increase your defense overall, from magic defense to physical defense. Making you harder to kill. Added with damage reduction, you will most likely be unkillable.
  • Immortality : If by chance your enemies have execute. You will definitely need 2 live. And because Immortality will give you low health, your damage reduction will be activated after your second life and your enemies will need to exert everything to kill you again. Making you more annoying
  • Blade of Despair : Since Defense item is already covered, you will need damage item. So take this as your go to damage item. And you will both be tanky and have a huge burst damage!

How to play as Terizla:


You need to play him as aggressive as you can, since you already got everything in the early game, such as high damage, high recovery (If you use the festival of blood perks) and of course high damage reduction since it is your passive. Take Arrival as your go to spell because you want to surprise them and since the buff, arrival is becoming one of the most useful spell in the game. Take your second skill first and max it, Ultimate if available and max your first skill last. 

In the early game, spam your second skill whenever you can, since you won’t be needing them. Communicate with your team mates and see your map if they need arrival if something happen to gank the enemies, and try to hit level 4 soon. Because that is when the fun start. Your go to combo will be, hide in the bush, wait for the enemy team to come, ultimate them and then use skill 2 and skill 1 to deal massive damage. Another combo will be Arrival, Use your ultimate with the bonus movement speed, use skill 2 and then skill 1.

Terizla is actually really easy to use, but really hard to master. Since player will need to understand the mechanic on each skill. The worst part of this hero might only be his movement speed. So if you are ganked by yourself. Then say goodbye. since you can’t run. His main counter is usually stuns and Necklace of durance, because his skill is easily canceled by stuns and necklace of durance will decrease his regeneration by a lot!

To master Terizla, player will need to be patience. Hiding in the bush, surprise them, and dealing massive damage while your first skill kills them. So? Are you up for the challenge to use him in ranked match? if so see other roonby mobile legends tips for more information and guide to play the game.

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