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Moonton often release a new patch regarding the next update on Mobile Legends, and in their latest update there are some heroes that will be getting nerf including the all popular OP Assassin hero, Fanny.

This is not the first nerf that the attack on titan inspired hero is being nerfed in the game. From the beginning, Fanny is one of the best assassin in the game. Where player that use her will be able to kill any enemies by using her cable ultimate combo. Because of that almost all of the patch at that time nerf her. From energy, damage, even her ultimate in general.


For the nerf on the next update, Fanny player won’t be able to use their tornado again. Where each cable can only deal damage one time to the first enemy that is passed through fanny. This nerf is first found by a youtuber, Hororo-chan as you can see in the video above. She put on 2 fanny, one in the original server and one in the advance server, and explain to us the difference where in the video Fanny can only hit one enemy while using her cable.

This will decrease fanny damage overall, which means that her energy regen will also be nerfed, and the regeneration by using bloodlust axe will also be nerfed. Making this one of the worst nerfed ever given from Moonton to her.

So what do you think about this game, if you are a fanny player? Will you be okay with this nerf?

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