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If you loved superheroes like Spiderman, Deadpool, Thor, and many other Marvel or DC Superheroes and wanted to play a game about those type of super heroes then you are in luck! Because today, NetEase had just announced that they will be giving another beta test on the game Marvel Super War.

NetEase themselves is a MOBA expert in game designing and currently work their way with Marvel Entertainment to push out a super heroes version of MOBA game to all marvel and MOBA fans on mobile platform. The game itself is like any other MOBA game like Mobile Legends or AOV, where player will need to destroy the enemies tower and compete in a team fight to win the game. Of course, the player will be able to choose their favorite heroes, each with their own respective strength in the game.

The Beta is said to be coming in November, and tester will be able to pre-register in the game now on the link below. Are you ready to participating in this epic superhero fight?

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App Rating : Marvel Super Wars (Pre-register) (Free)

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