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Zodiac is a term used to describe the 12 celestial sign, which is usually use for fortune telling in regards to your health, love life, and of course Business. Of course this is both true and not, depending on one beliefs regarding the sign, and if you do, then you are in luck. Because today, we have put out a list of 7 best zodiac apps that you can use to see your Horoscope. Check it out below!

1. Astro Guide Horoscope


Astroguide – the most comprehensive free astrology app with HOROSCOPES, TAROT READINGS, NUMEROLOGY and ZODIAC COMPATIBILITY. Discover what the future holds for you with accurate daily horoscopes, personalized tarot readings and love compatibility tests. Get an insight on what to expect for love, money, work, health for today and tomorrow.

2. Zodiac Horoscope


Access your horoscope right from your phone or tablet. This application provides horoscope for today or tomorrow and even for the current week and the whole month. It is available for free download and will always support the latest version of Android. Zodiac Horoscope is one of the most popular astrology apps on Google Play!

Discover what the stars predict for your future. Our daily horoscopes are made by professional and experienced astrologers using the best methodologies of classic astrology.

3. Daily Horoscope


One of the latest Horoscope apps that is updated daily. Daily Horoscope will give you bunch of different type of horoscope reading including your compatibility on some zodiacs, your daily and weekly zodiacs reading and so on. If you are interested in trying a whole new zodiac apps with a good ui settings then this is definitely your choice

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4. Astro Horoscope


Free Daily, Weekly and Monthly Horoscopes. Astrology gives us insight into all life situations, all types of people, organizations, pets, relationships and more. It reveals to us our core values and characteristics. It guides us into the future. Fast read, listen, save or share your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly horoscopes, psychic and readings. The horoscope updated daily.

5. Horoscopes – Daily Zodiac Horoscope & Astrology


Discover what the future holds for you. Get an insight on what to expect for love, work, well being and good fortune for today, tomorrow, the week or in 2018 with free daily horoscopes app. Follow your zodiac sign and observe horoscopes of friends and loved ones’.

6. Horoscope – Zodiac Signs


One of a kind Horoscope App! Updated DAILY with accurate Horoscopes for all 12 zodiac signs and detailed description of each star sign’s traits, love, relationships, money, and attraction. Horoscope Signs App is the ONLY App the has it all. Being a part of one of the most popular Astrology websites in the world. We guarantee Horoscope Signs will be your favorite and most trusted Horoscope App.

7. Love Horoscope


With the love Horoscope app, you can find out how your love life is going to be during the year. The app is completely free and is frequently update where it will contain daily love horoscope for each zodiac sign, and love compatibility analysis between both zodiac. There are also a reading on each zodiac sign and of course including your daily lucky number each day.

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And there you have it, some of the best horoscope apps that can be downloaded on your android device. Interested in other list like this? Check out the roonby website for more article like this. Thank you for reading have a nice day!

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