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If you didn’t know anything yet regarding the newest addition of mobile legends advance server. Moonton, the developer is trying on something new, and they revamp most of the previous unpopular heroes. This time, the revamp is good on Belerick one of the tank in mobile legends!

The revamp, actually increases his overall damage in general. Increasing his abilities to deal massive damage to the enemies while changing the core of his abilities, which is to shield the other heroes by using his ultimate. Of course however, this in turns give him 2 abilities, that can deal more damage, and the abilities like Minotaur ultimate to render the enemies immobile. If you are familiar with the ultimate of Treant Protector on Dota 2, then you might find the similarity on both side. You can see the gameplay on the video above.

However, it is not just a skill revamp, but also have a remodel, that will change most of his design. The image can be seen above. With the remodel he looks a little bit like groot now, but still how well we can use him depends on his abilities in the game.

So what do you guys think about this remodel, and about his revamp overall. Do you think that he will be included on the next META?

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