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Nowadays, people didn’t use any data packet anymore. It is because there are many WiFi connection everywhere in the world, and most data packets nowadays cost a lot and lags a lot. Especially if you are a mobile gamer and mobile gamers need a stable connection to play. And because of that, you will possibly needs an apps to manage your wifi connection, like WiFi Master.


With a hundreds of millions of free Wi-Fi hotspots shared by our users globally, you can connect to free Wi-Fi with WiFi Master (by – LinkSure Singapore)! Find & Connect to shared WiFi hotspots in one click. Easy and safe. THE WIFI MASTER EXPERIENCE

Wifi Master is one of the best apps to manage your wifi. It can be use to save data costs by connecting to freely shared Wifi Hotspots. The apps is easy and fast to use where players can connect to any wifi connection in one click and enjoy the internet, and plus it is really safe and secured where all shared password will not be revealed and is encrypted to protect sharer’s privacy and security.

The app is also available in 19 language across 200+ countries¬† and regions, from English, Thai, Bahasa Indonesia, Malay, Vietnamese, Simplified Chinese, TW, HK, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Turkish, Hindi, French, Italian and many more. WiFi master is not a hacking tool, it doesn’t assist in unlocking password of Wi-Fi Hotspots that are not shared by the users. The app only managed WiFi Connection.

It is a really great app if you want to use, share and manage your wifi connection to your friends. You can use and download the game for free. So check it out!

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