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Besides Ling that had been released in Mobile Legends, 2 more new heroes is going to be released in the original server. Which is Wan – Wan the jumping marksman, and one again is Silvanna the newest mage fighter hero. The good news is that you can get that best fighter for free in the game!

Unlike Guinevere where she is purely based on skill, Silvanna uses basic attack as her main damage-dealing abilities. Her skill is mainly used to stun, chase or even trap the enemy in one way or another and increase her damage-dealing abilities within the area. Apart from that, her abilities to gain massive life steal on her most reason update is making her too OP for original server.

The player that wants to get her must follow the event on the game and log in on the 14 December 2019 to get the Silvanna card for free. And then the card can be used to exchange for the female fighter. Anyway, she is one of the best heroes that are going to be released in Mobile legends.

So, what do you guys think about this new hero? Do you think she will be OP, or will she only be one of those heroes that will be forgotten? FYI, this hero will be available for free.

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