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On this day, most phones have dual sims card. It means that the user will be able to use internet data with the 2 sim card that available. However, if you change on sim cards to the other, you can’t really keep in track with the daily data usage for each sim card individually.

It means that you will need to manually count the data usage on each Sim cards! We know that you guys don’t have the time. So, the solution that we can give you is to use an app called Internet Data Usage!


Internet Data Usage is an absolutely free app that can be used to show data usage per app and per sim card. The app will separate the statistics shown for mobile networks (SIM1, and SIM2) and WiFi network. It will monitor traffic data for the last 30 days, daily, weekly, monthly and even years in the app and display all the statistics in a bar graph or pie charts depending on your preferences.

You can also check background and foreground data usage of each app in your phone with this simple and easy to use apps. The simple is really easy to understand and the user will be able to intuitively use the app. If you are interested in seeing how much data you use every day or month, download the app now!

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