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Wan – wan is the newest addition in mobile legends. Of course, most people that have enough BP will definitely buy her. However, what if you don’t have any BP enough to buy any hero, which means that you will need to know whether or not Wan – wan is a good hero to play in Mobile Legends.

Now, if until now, you think that Wan – Wan is a good hero, then today I hope that I can throw that away in the window because today we will give you some reason as to why Wan – Wan is not a good hero to play in Mobile Legends!


1. Passive that do more harm than Good

Each hero has their own skill that makes it so unique, for example, Belerick that can be used to damage other when hurt and much like Belerick, Wan – Wan also has her own passive that makes her unique which is the ability to jump every time she hits an enemies either by using her basic attack or skill.

However, the skill does so much more harm than good in my opinion. In the early game where players don’t have any damage at all. Sometimes when you are trying to kill and kite a jungle monster, player might jump in a different direction, resetting the agro. Which happened a lot more than it should. Another reason is that using her passive won’t be able to jump the wall, so you can’t really escape in the early game since the jump is affected by her attack speed.

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2. Ultimate that is so hard to use

Although her ultimate is so OP, the requirement to use her ability is so hard to use that sometimes in one match there are player that uses her can’t even use any of her ultimate on one game. So the condition is to attack the player based on the arrow that is available after you hit the enemy once. However, it is really hard to do that and most players won’t be able to do that and because of that, her ultimate is nothing more than a decoration. But, if you somehow manage to activate it, then you will be able to kill other people easily.

3. There are so many other more useful marksman

In regards to her damage, there are so many other marksman that can deal more damage with less annoyance such as Lesley, Irithel and even Granger that can deal massive damage easily to her. Especially since she needs to have some requirement to have her ultimate ready, and because of that i suggest you guys to pick out other Marksman.

In conclusion

Of course she has her own perks, such as being unable to get hit by an aoe spell easily because of her jump, and many more. However in regards to her ability as a marksman, she lacks behind other marksman. Which is why, if you didn’t necessarily want to use her, or is searching for any other OP marksman, don’t pick Wan – Wan. Because she is so bad.

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