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Facebook had just recently launched a new app called Whale that can be used to make a MEME with a simple picture. If you are a meme lover or even a meme sharer then this is definitely your must-have app on your phone for further meme-ing.

However, the app is still on test as stated by thenextweb and we don’t know when will Facebook release this fun and new atrocity.

Now for those that are interested in the app, Whale has the ability to crop and edit a picture easily, giving the user freedom to put on a filter, and even adding an emoji or sticker in your edited picture. In simple terms, it is an app for picture editing but with a tool that is made for meme-making.

Interestingly enough, Whale can also be used to easily share your edited picture to Facebook, or even Instagram with the app. It is not surprising though that Facebook is making this app to reach out with the meme addicted people. Mainly because we all know how good memes are.

Sadly though, the app is still only available in Canada, and Facebook hasn’t made the release date globally for the app. So fans can only wait for more information!

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