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Despite being one of the most popular features nowadays, Dark mode is not available on any device. Especially on the older phone. The black, sleek-looking and battery saver mode that can be used to pretty up your phone can only be used on the newer phone model. This is why, if you are looking for a way to use Dark Mode on any app like Instagram or even Facebook apps, then try Dark Mode.


Dark mode is an app that can be used to make any other app become Dark mode. It is really easy to use, simply download, install and open the app to use it. Tap the auto or Night mode button to make it dark, and then you can use the feature. There will also be a notification on the app when you successfully changed to Night mode.

However, not all app support this feature and because of that, the Auto function is useful, because the user will be able to know automatically when the feature is available on any app that is supported rather than always forcing it. Because sometimes it might mess up some apps.

So if you are interested in using Dark mode on every other app like Instagram, but your phone doesn’t support it. Then do use this app, because it does work and it is easy to use!

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