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Newest Hero in Mobile Legends

Being one of the best Mobile games, Mobile legends got its pressure to be the best, to give its player updated content so that player won’t be bored with the gameplay. Of course, it is easier said than done, but thankfully Moonton as their developer is trying to give their best by renewing the content that is available in the game. For example, the newest Hero on Mobile Legends called Cecilion that will be one of the best heroes with the interesting mechanics will be available soon in Mobile legends original server.

Skill description

Cecilion is the newest mage on mobile legends. He is one of the late-game monster type of hero where his damage scale with the amount of his mana. The best thing about him is that his passive enables him to gain 10 mana each time it hits the enemy, either minion, jungle or even other heroes, and his CD is really low so you can spam most of his skill. His first skill is, however, although spam able, each time you use it the mana cost of the skill will increase up to 1500+ mana cost peruse so you will need to be careful.

His second skill, however, is a lot similar to Martis skill, where the player will be able to pull and immobilize his enemies to the center, which is annoying. Lastly his ultimate, enable him to deal massive damage to a random target within the distance of his skill. Each time he deals damage, he will also get some heal. So it is both a damage and healing skill in his side.

Cecilion Image

Amazing skill combo with Carmila

But what is amazing in this hero is that the mechanic of a couple system that will be implemented with the release of the hero. This enables him to use another skill if his partner Carmila (Another new mobile legends hero) is available in the game. Where players can tap the skill called “Moonlit Waltz” and Carmilla will immediately be sucked into him, giving him a shield. Carmila can also use the skill again to deal another damage and slow on the targeted area. This skill has a lot of versatility where the player will be able to save his lover and deal massive damage to his enemy and slow them by using the combination.

Now, what do you guys think about this update in general, do you approve of Cecilion skill in advance server or do you think he needs a nerf? Well, hopefully, we will know what Moonton will do with this Mobile Legends new Hero Cecilion in the next update since the hero had just been released. While waiting, why don’t you start seeing other guide or other mobile legends articles in Roonby?

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