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Craiglist is probably one of the most popular site that can be use to advertise anything that you want. You can search for anything from things to room mates. However, it still took the developer more than a years to make the so called Official app, but of course it is better late than never.

The app has been released in both android and iOS, but the Android app is currently in beta test but the iOS app is climbing through the app store ranks. Although the official app is new, the app still have the same old feel to the original website. Where as you can browse through the post listing in the web on your phone now.

Craiglist official app on android and iOS

Until recently most user that want to browse Craiglist without using their browser on their phone had to used the third-party apps. But since there is the official app, you can search through anything you want now without thinking it is a scam or not. Which a huge change now.

The version right now on iOS is the 1.0 and is one fo the top 20 app in the iOS app store’s shopping category after its first release. The android version however is still on beta, and you can sign up as the tester in the link here.

This is of course a huge leap for Craiglist to finally make their own mobile app for smartphone user. It is of course an improvement on Craiglist, since millions of user use it everyday and how they improve will depends on their development in it. So what do you think on the app in general? Are you shocked?

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