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A really good news for all PUBG gamers! PUBG had just announced that they are going to give you guys an upgrade on their FPS (Frame Per Second) where players will be able to get smoother game play and visual output of 90fps.

PUBG FPS Upgrade

This is surprising since not many games on mobile support this high FPS. PUBG Mobile first announced this at the ongoing Snapdragon Tech submit. The game will also be getting a new 10-bit HDR to enhance the dynamic range of on-screen content. However, there is not much known regarding the update and upgrade release date. So the player will need to wait for the official announcement by PUBG M.

Apart from that, there are also some PUBG Mobile 0.15.5 updates, where the player will be able to experience a bunch of different features from map, character, and new season 10 “Fury of Wasteland”.

What do you guys think about this new update and PUBG FPS upgrade in general? Will this improve your PUBG experience or are you not interested at all with the game?

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