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Despite the iPhone being able to sync with Mac for a long time, there hasn’t been any news that android users will be able to enjoy the same feature, well, at least until now.

Recently, Microsoft announced that Your Phone app in Windows 10 is finally able to make and receive calls from any android phone!

Your Phone App can make and receive calls from any android phone!

Windows 10

This is a huge step since this feature was previously available only for a handful of few android handsets (mostly Samsung devices), and now the feature is now compatible with all android phones. It means that Xiaomi user will be able to use their synced phone to contact other android user in their computer.

Currently, the user can only use the calling feature. Text messaging and the Phone screen feature that allows users to control their phone in Windows 10 are still limited to a few phones. However, they are slowly rolling out the update so that most phones will be able to use the feature.

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