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When you are using an Android device, there is an option to easily install the app that you want using an APK. APK is mainly used to install an app that is not available in Google play store. But not all APK is saved to install, which is why today we will give you some of the best Safe APK download site to download your free app!

Safe APK Download Site to Download Your Free Apps:

1. APKPure

Safe APK Download Site

APKPure is probably one of the most popular apk site. Users will be able to download most of the available apps/games on android regardless of the genre that they are searching for. APK Pure also has a strict guidelines on the apk released on its website.

If they deemed the apk is risky, they won’t publish it on their website. APKPure also have their own respective app that works like Google Play store but solely on downloading and installing apps on APKPure.

2. APK Mirror

Safe APK Download Site

Another Safe APK download site that you guys can use to download most games and apps apk. The site is owned by the same team that also operates on android news and stuff “Android Police”. Their staff had verified all APK uploaded to their site before publishing, making it one of the safest apk download site that you guys can use.

3. Aptoeid

Safe APK Download Site

Aptoeid have more than 250 million users worldwide and has included more than 6 billion downloads on their site. You can access and download the file from your android device and then install it immediately to use. Users will be able to manage their own stores and get their apk to the site for download.

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4. APK Downloader

APK Downloader is also one of the most used apk site to download apps and games. Whereas APK Mirror and APK Pure are a really popular site, APKDownloader offers a wide arrange of blocked app on your country. You can download the app that you wish on this website. All of the APK is pulled from the google play store, so the security is okay.

5. QooApp

Safe APK Download Site

If you are more of a gamer than an app downloader, QooApp is probably one of your choice. Because this site provides you with the latest games available. Player that loved SEA games will be able to play it and get the news first from this website. The apk inside is free to download, and the game inside is also safe to install.

So, there you have it. If you are an android user then the list above will provide you with some of the safe APK Download sites that you guys can use to download your free app with.

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