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You know, the line between a genius and crazy is really thin, and I don’t know about these apps that we are going to list below. But you read it right, it is the most expensive apps on android!

The developer might be a genius and dumb at the same time. You might want to throw your phone at the dev after reading this, but then again there are some people that actually BOUGHT these apps. So check it out yourself.

Most Expensive Apps on Android

1. Most Expensive Ball Games 2

Most Useless and Expensive Apps on Android

Well, the game costs $339.99 and even after that it contains ads and contains in-app purchases as stated in the picture above. The game play is really simple, don’t touch another color with your ball. But the cost of the game itself is a hundred times your meal worth.

I don’t know who plays it, or who even wanted to play it. But well, it is reviewed by 727 people already so that is about $246.453.

2. I am the Richest-The Richest 3.0

Most Useless and Expensive Apps on Android

Another expensive apps on android that you can find. If it is a game in the first one that you can play. This app literally does nothing except giving you quotes that you are better and richer than everybody that doesn’t buy this app. It is reviewed by 30 people which means that they got at least $11.429,7!

3. Color Tap

Most Useless and Expensive Apps on Android

Another app that is extremely expensive, and even after buying it for $224.99 it still contains ads that will pop out every now and then as stated in the review section. It is much better than the previous diamond one though, at least you can still pay and play for it even though there are some games that had the exact gameplay and is free to boot.

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Heck, even Death stranding is below $100 with hours of gameplay, but then again this app had been reviewed by 176 people which means they had gotten $39.424 of this game without the ads.

4. League of the Rich

Most Useless and Expensive Apps on AndroidSo basically this is the app for the rich people. I also love how they give you quotes that acknowledge your rich and wealthiness, “Because I can”, and “Whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping” Exquisite. The app is installed by more than 100+ people, so be careful peasant, they might flaunt their money to you.

5. Most Expensive Game – 4096✔️👑

One of the most expensive games ever, and with luck, on the day I made the article it is discounted from almost $400 to $4.99. Which means that it is really easy to be rich right?

Well, for a game that can be downloaded for free it is still pretty expensive. Although what can I say, people have money and wanted to flaunt them right.


There are some apps above that can be downloaded for free, but I understand that they didn’t suit some people’s tastes. Which is why these apps are made. But in the end, I still think that it is too much, and that is why I made this list.

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