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It is really hard to spend time with your friends when you are at a working age. Each person is busy with their own schedule and stuff. They all have their own plans, and coordinating with one another is sometimes a hassle. This is also true for family outing and many more.

So, if you have a problem with coordinating your schedule, you might want to check out an app called GroupCal!

GroupCal, Lets You Coordinate with Your Friends Easily!



GroupCal is a revolutionary calendar app that allows you to create separate shared calendars, and share them with your contacts. Each shared calendar can hold events around a specific topic – Family, Work, Sports team, etc. When adding events to a shared calendar, they sync automatically to all participants in real-time.

This app works the same as the messenger app Whatsapp. The only difference is that the app is used to coordinate your schedule with one another, comparing their schedule.

For example, if you share your schedule with your friends, you will be able to see what is their schedule and they can see your schedule. So you can make plans with them on their day off!

The app uses the user phone number much like Whatsapp and you can add them to your list of people that you want to add depending on the specific topic. It is a really great app!

Note: The app is still on early access, so there might be some problem in using it. Please support the dev by reporting it.

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App Rating : GroupCal - Shared Calendar (Early Access) (Free)
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