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Currently, there are many people that are experiencing cyber bullying. Especially on Social media like Twitter and IG. This is why there is a rumor saying that twitter is going to add a new feature to restrict a reply for a twit that is made by the user to a group of people depending on the user’s choice.

This feature is made so that the user will be able to restrict and control anybody that replied to the Tweet. Making sure that there is no cyber bullying is made upon the account that made the post. Users will be able to pick the group that you want in the menu called “Conversation Participants” and then they can choose the participant that they wanted to pick that can replied to the twit.

Twitter’s new feature is going to restrict reply!

Twitter Feature

There will be 4 choices from Global, Group, Panel, and Statement that each had their own usage. For Global, All of the twitter users will be able to reply to the twit. Group for those that have followed the user, Panel for some people that had been tagged, and Statement is a choice where people don’t want the twit to be replied at all.

The feature will be tested on Q1 of 2020, where Twitter will then be able to see the problem. What do you guys think about the feature? will it be a problem or will it help with cyber bullying?

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