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Mobile Legends with the recent updates where the old hero’s coming to the early season META. Looks like Moonton is finally giving their divided attention to the older heroes. In their recent patch updates on the advanced server, Freya, Lancelot, and Hanzo are finally getting their revamp to compete with the recent META and they look really good.

1. Freya

Previously, Freya had gotten a revamp on her design which is useless because it doesn’t change her power in the game. Thankfully, Moonton seems to realize it, and in this update, she gets a revamp for almost all of her skill: her passive, 2nd skill and lastly ultimate.

  • Passive: Every 2 attacks will give her 1 stacks with maximal 3 stack. For each stack, she will do more combos with increased attack speed.
  • First Skill: The sucking effect is removed and with each stack the range increase. Use all stack if cast.
  • Second skill: Each Stack will give hero more combos with each combo giving her enemies cc effect from stun suck and knockback. With a maximal 4 combos.
  • Ultimate: Give hero 3 stacks, increase defense and range for each basic attack.

2. Lancelot

Although he is not that bad, Lancelot can’t compete with the recent meta since users will usually choose for mid mage or Gussion as the over popular Assassin because of his massive damage. And so, Moonton decided to buff Lancelot damage by 40% overall making him a really good burst damage dealer for any hero in the early game.

  • Passive: Each time he use his dash skill (1 and ultimate) he will gain a stack of buff increasing his damage by 8% dealt to the enemies for some time. With the maximal of 5 stacks and 40% of damage even in the early game.
  • Skill 1: Nothing change.
  • Skill 2: Nothing change.
  • Ultimate: Nothing change.
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3. Hanzo

Ultimately, Hanzo lacks a lot in the late game where the player will usually be able to search for his real body and kill him in the spot. And because of that in the revamp, Moonton gives him the choice to choose where he wants to go, either to his real body or his ghost body. Additionally, they buffed his second skill, which makes the effect longer for both her ghost and real body form.

  • Passive: Nothing change.
  • Skill 1: Nothing Change.
  • Skill 2: Skill last longer for both ghost and real body form. User will be able to farm and clean lane faster.
  • Ultimate: The user will be able to choose where he wants to end his skill, either to his real form or ghost form.

Mobile Legends Update revamp 3 heroes

However, the update is still on advanced server and there are probably many changes that will happen before the official released on the original server. But what do you guys think about this update? Will they be more OP?

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