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Recently, Poco announces that they are going to be an independent company, leaving their mother Xiaomi to venture out to the world alone. Considering their success with the release of Pocophone F1, and the hype of their fans about the rumored Poco F2. It is not surprising if Poco will be successful in the future.

But we are not here to give you that, we are here to give you guys a new that it is confirmed Poco will be getting a new model and it will be coming in this quarter!

This news comes from a series of interviews with Gadget 360 and Hindustian Times, where Poco India’s General Manager, C Manmohan revealed what the fans are going to expect from the company. Manmohan has confirmed that the next Poco smartphone will launch as early as this quarter, and fans have been hyping because of the possibility for the next Flagship phone at a cheap price.

The company themselves has already started teasing for Poco F2 hinting the launch of the device which will be in this quarter. Manmohan also added that the brand will still stay the same, offering value for money proposition and said that the next Poco will feature a top-end SoC and a large amount of ram. So gamer, take note of this.

Sad news about Poco..

Sadly though Poco’s comeback plans are currently limited to India only. Gadget 360 reports that they don’t have any relation with the global operation of the brand before Poco that is named Pocophone, and it is undecided if they will make a comeback globally.

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Source: Android Authority

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